Hire a lawyer to help you probate a will in Beaumont, TX

After a loved one dies, it’s easy to get caught up in emotions and put practical matters aside. There’s a lot of paperwork to go through after a death in the family. You need an objective individual who is removed from the situation to help you sort through what your family member left behind.

Contact the Law Office of Jonathan Vernon in Beaumont, TX right away to schedule a consultation with a probate lawyer.

Trust an attorney who has experience dealing with probate law

Your probate lawyer can help you handle complicated legal issues after a death in the family. You can count on attorney Vernon to:

  • Secure the assets of the deceased
  • See that assets are placed into the name of a surviving family member
  • Probate a will, if one exists
  • Verify any relevant affidavits

If necessary, attorney Vernon will go to court to secure your rights. Call 409-209-4813 today to discuss your family’s needs with an experienced probate law attorney in Beaumont, Texas.